About us / 22 January 2019

Kuźnia Ostrów Wielkopolski Sp. z o.o. continues the long-standing tradition of railway industry companies operating in our region. The very first one – Fabryka Wagon – was estabilished in 1920 as a joint-stock company. The main area of company’s activity was production of rail vehicles and related acessories. After the II World War, in 1952 the company was revived under the name ZNTK Ostrów Wielkopolski (Zakłady Naprawcze Taboru Kolejowego) soon becoming the largest enterprise of this industry in Poland. 1964, due to a high demand for forged components needed for construction and repair of rolling stock, ZNTK decided to estabilish the new department – Forge. In 1999, the company returned to its historical name, Fabryka Wagon S.A. As a result of ownership transformations in 2001, the forge department started its own activity. In 2006, new company adopted the name Kuźnia Ostrów Wielkopolski Sp. z o.o..  In 2017, Kuźnia Ostrów Wielkopolski Sp. z o.o. joined the capital group MSV Metal Studenka a.s. – European leader in components and forgings for the railway industry, starting the latest chapter in its longtime and colorful history.

Company description
About us / 11 January 2019

Kuźnia Ostrów Wielkopolski Sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of die forgings from steel with a weight 0.5 – 60 kg and open-die forgings up to 1 ton. We are leading manufacturer of compontens for rail industry such as screw couplings, draw hooks, pull rods, draw gears, brake triangles, etc. Moreover, we offer repair and regeneration services for rail vehicle components such as leaf springs, screw couplings, drawbars and others. Many years of experience in the industry, wide technical equipment and qualified crew guarantee our clients the highest quality of products and services.